What better place to study communications than in a global city?

Paris is one of the 10 largest cities in Europe, with the largest business district (La Défense). Headquarters for nearly 40 Fortune Global 500 companies are located in the region. Some of the world’s best-known advertising, marketing, digital communications and public relations agencies operate out of Paris. Fashion and luxury businesses are, of course, at home here, but so are some of the most exciting technology companies and largest consumer products companies in the world. ISCOM has close relationships with these companies, working with them on case studies, competitions and internships.

Students entering ISCOM not only enter the school, but also a rich network of connections that will be vital to securing their first jobs.


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Students have the opportunity to participate in a rich community atmosphere at ISCOM, with a wide variety of associations and organizations for sports, culture, festivities and networking. The international class has taken the lead in planning events like an introductory lunch for all students in the program during the first months of school, a Halloween haunted house and Thanksgiving dinner!

Student organizations

Student Union (BDE) Elected by ISCOM students, the BDE participates in student life at ISCOM and around the town by organizing student gatherings, orientation festivities, trips, proms, etc.
ISCOM Alumni Association reunites ISCOM graduates
ISCOM Sports Union (BDS) organizes sports events within the school or in partnership with other schools.
ISCOM Cultural Centre (BDC) organizes cultural events at the school


«Campus» is a social media tool for the entire ISCOM community, including students, instructors, and staff, from all 7 ISCOM campuses. This tool helps create events, manage projects, download and share documents, circulate information, etc., by allowing everyone to create a personal profile and participate