ISCOM is a school devoted to professionalized education, meaning internships are an integral part of the curriculum. Students are required to participate in an internship during every year of their studies in order to put into practice the knowledge and skills they are being taught, develop good work habits and grow their professional network. While it is part of each student’s training to find, apply for and secure their own internships, the school has a dedicated work placement and enterprise relationship department that serves as link between companies and students. It maintains an extensive database of internship possibilities and helps students manage the internship process. ISCOM is also a signatory of the ERASMUS Plus program, which provides students with financial help for international internships.

International Global Communications Internships

  • First Year | Three-month Internship: April – June
  • Second Year  | Four-month European internship: April – June
  • Third Year  | Four-month International Internship: March – June
  • Fourth Year | Six-month International Internship: April – September
  • Fifth Year | Work-Study Program: 4 days within the company / 1 day at school for one year