Admissions examinations for the International Global Communications program are held over a half-day period at ISCOM Paris.
The examinations are held entirely in English and cover various topics such as general knowledge, creativity, current events and media, and written and oral English skills. Finally, a personal interview lasting 30 minutes will be held in English. Admissions interviews can be arranged via Internet. For more, write to:

Enrollment Procedure

Admissions dates can be found on our website,
❱ Step 1 – Online registration
Required documents: resume, cover letter, ID photo, copy of an ID document (passport, for example), copies of previous grade transcripts, copies of previous diplomas. Application fee: 100 euros
❱ Step 2 – ISCOM Paris will inform you of your examination date
❱ Step 3 – Admissions results are sent within the month following the examination. Eligible students must confirm their enrollment before the deadline indicated on the acceptance letter.


If a student cannot come to Paris for the entrance exams, it is possible to arrange for the exams to be taken from a distance, with the personal interview held via Skype. Interested students should contact